Men's Long Sleeve Camp Shirt | Solid Colors | Mr. California

The Nevada City

$79.00 $40.00

A wise man once said, “Never underestimate the seductive powers of a luxuriant mustache.” 

Anyway…The Nevada City is a classically-fitted long sleeve shirt with all manner of timeless accoutrement made from the finest 20th Century materials and handsomely adorned with the distinctive details that made Mr. California infamous: Double breast pocketry, duotone seam stitchery and left pocket Heraldic embroidery. That means you’re looking good, but you don’t care about how you look.

  • Mod Fit Long sleeve
  • 65/35 Cotton/Poly Blend Easy Care® fabric
  • Saddle-stitch detail down the front placket
  • Mr. Cal embroidery – placed in a way that is easy on the eye, color that is subtle
  • ”The Crown” Heraldic Embroidery
  • Single pleats on the back
  • ”Classic fit” shape, which means that we have a bit of a taper in the side.