Men's Brown Striped Camp Shirt | Mr. California

The Long Beach


Somewhere at the spiritual intersection of the 405 freeway, Cameron Diaz and the ghost of Fatty Arbuckle is where you’ll find Joe Jost’s, a no-frills watering storefront that’s been around for like 342 years. Generations of Long Beach-ians have tasted many a pickled egg and downed gallons of PBR there, and the dusty pictures on the wall are more than likely to feature your father. Rumor has it that Joe’s was a speakeasy during prohibition, but nobody’s talking. 

Why am I telling you this? Because we’ve got a new shirt that couldn’t possibly look more at home on a barstool or in the snooker room at Joe Jost’s. The Long Beach is a devilish brown yarn die with white and golden stripes, matching stripe chest pockets and tone-on-tone embroidery. A shirt so delicious, Joe Jost himself might be wearing his right now. If he weren’t dead.

  • 60/40% Cotton/Poly Easy Care® fabric
  • Two chest pockets with matching stripes
  • Short Sleeves with Pearl Grey, Dual Buttonry
  • Pearl Grey Buttons on Placket
  • ”The Crown” Heraldic Embroidery
  • Single Comfort Pleats® on back
  • Finished Square Bottom
  • Spare Buttons Inside