A Letter from Mr. California | Mr. California

A Letter from Mr. California

Hello Friends,

You’ve waited patiently for this moment, some of you for decades. Now, we’re pleased to announce that the brand new Mr. California clothing line is at long last officially available for public consumption. An exciting development to be sure, as these are the first new Mr. California garments to see the light of day in well over 30 years. Huzzah.

True to the original, contemporized for the modern man, and designed in faithful accordance to the standards that first made Mr. California notorious in the 1960’s. These fine menswear articles are painstakingly tailored to fit men of literally all shapes and sizes, and adorned with the singular details that Mr. California first popularized during the Kennedy administration. Constructed with the finest materials and always meticulously handmade in California – The Golden State – we invite you to enjoy these shining examples of Classic Leisurewear for the Modern Man.

They certainly aren’t for everyone. Or just anyone. But really, isn’t that the point?

Please enjoy.