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Authentic. Timeless. Classic. Those are the qualities that defined Mr. California back in the 60’s, and those are the qualities that separate the brand today from anything else. Architectural in geometry, uncommonly comfortable for every size and shape, and adorned with the attention to detail Mr. California first popularized during the Kennedy administration. Today’s Mr. California creations are indeed the genuine article, modern reconstructions of the styles that made Mr. California notorious in the early to mid 60’s.

It is this dedication to authenticity that sets Mr. California apart, and the obsessive attention to detail that defines every product we design: The Meticulous Pocketry, Buttonery, Duo-Tone Stitchery and Heraldic symbols that adorn each piece, to name but a few unique features and benefits.

Meticulously tailored to appeal to consumers of literally all dimensions and sizes, Mr. California’s “Classic Fit®” shaping—along with the Finished Square Bottom—offers a tapered silhouette perfectly suited for real men. The result is that a large that fits a large man not like a glove, but like an exceptionally comfortable shirt. And an XXL would fit Marlon Brando even better than can be expected.

True to the original. Not for everyone, or just anyone. The hallmarks of Mr. California since the beginning, and a tradition that isn’t going to change any time soon.

Our Promise

Made in the U.S.A.
Not made in Guatemala.

Not made in Latvia, Vietnam, Tijuana, Curacao, Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea, Egypt, Madagascar or Turkistan.

Made in California

If you’re going to operate a label called Mr. California, the products best not be fabricated in Taiwanese factories on the outskirts of Keelung. Mr. California garments are always handmade in the Golden State of California. Proudly.