Men's Blue Plaid Shirt | Mr. California

The Tehachapi in Blue Marlin


The city of Tehachapi is known for three things: The Tehachapi Loop, The Indian Point Ostrich Ranch (not kidding), and a bunch of dudes gobbling peyote and nuding-it up in the desert. Conversely, the brand new Tehachapi from Mr. California is known for a lot of things, not the least of which are the bitchin’ multicolored plaids colors architecturally designed at perfect right angles. This beaut is the Platonic ideal for any leisure activity (I mean. look at it!)…except getting all naked under the 120º sun.

  • 60/40 Polyester/Cotton Easy Care® fabric
  • Two chest pockets
  • ”The Crown” Heraldic Embroidery
  • Pearl Grey, Dual Buttonry on Sleeves
  • Pearl Grey, Placket Buttonry
  • Single Comfort Pleats® on back
  • Finished Square Bottom
  • Spare Buttons Sewn-In
  • Made in Oakland, California, USA

Blue Marlin cocktail recipe:

Something to parch your thirst on a hot afternoon in the high desert.


1 1/2 oz rum

1/2 oz blue curacao liqueur

1 part sweet and sour mix

1 part orange juice


Pour ingredients over ice in an old-fashioned glass, stir and serve.