The Laguna in Sandstorm

Inspired by the iconic jacket worn by a man literally cooler than the other side of the pillow, James Dean (as opposed to Jimmy Dean, the sausage king, who is the mathematical opposite of cool), we give you the Laguna. Lovingly handcrafted from Windstoppin’® poplin—we kid you not—The Laguna will protect your cockles against the elements in the most effortlessly stylish of ways. It’s lightweight, so you can lawn bowl without restriction of movement. It’s wrinkle resistant, so it can travel with you to jai alai tournaments with ease. And it’s bitchin’, so you can pull birds exactly like James Dean did.
  • Windstoppin’® poplin - Lightweight yet Strong, 60/40 Polyester/Cotton
  • Classic Ring Pull YKK® Zipper
  • Two front pockets with Inside Access
  • One Inside Breast Pocket
  • ”The Crown” Heraldic Embroidery
  • Pearl Grey, Buttonry on Adjustable Sleeve Cuffs
  • Pearl Grey, Collar Buttonry
  • Single Comfort Pleats® on back
  • Square Bottom
  • Made in Oakland, California, USA

Sandstorm recipe:


Black Sambuca

Irish Cream


Fill short glass with Black Sambuca leaving room at the top. Then pour Baileys in the centre creating a Sandstorm effect as they mix.

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