Men's Casual Shirt in Black Stripes | Mr. California

The Pomona


She had a cigarette. You had a light. She had a Marilyn tattoo. You had a JFK. She had nine excuses. You had ten reasons why. She had a can of mace. You, well, you had a shirt. Called The Pomona. That told her “You’re going to need something much stronger than that.” She had no further resistance. 

Anomaly? Or just another Wednesday night in The Pomona, the stripe-ity midnight black short sleeve with an attitude barely on the good side of churlish. With thin white, red and yellow lines in all the right places, it’s your best defense against a girl you’re trying to bed who’s holding mace.

  • 60/40% Cotton/Poly Easy Care® fabric
  • Two chest pockets with matching stripes
  • Short Sleeves with buttons
  • ”The Crown” Heraldic Embroidery
  • Single Comfort Pleats® on back
  • Finished Square Bottom

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