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The Stockton

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I once had a friend named Mr. Arrington who loved things that were fast. Horses, flying machines, trysts, and especially, cars. Ah yes, the cars. Arrington thought nothing of driving his ’65 MG Midget twice the speed limit on highways and in school zones, expertly weaving in and out of traffic and children. 


He wore an ascot. Its name was “Blue”. And more often than not, a Mr. California shirt very much like the one before you now. This one is called The Stockton. Without a doubt, Arrington would simply adore the racer-y checkerboard stripes expertly positioned around the shirt, as well as the “comfort” pleats on the back, matching stripe chest pockets with rounded bottom. Clearly, this is a shirt built for speed. And those, like ol’ Arrington, who seek it out.


  • 60/40% Cotton/Poly Easy Care® fabric
  • Two chest pockets with matching stripes
  • Short Sleeves with buttons
  • ”The Crown” Heraldic Embroidery
  • Single Comfort Pleats® on back
  • Finished Square Bottom

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